You'll now be able to have a drink as you wait for your color to set or wait your turn for a haircut.In May, we told you about the Hair Shack in Dover, and their brilliant idea to add a bar.

After weeks of uncertainty, the Dover City council has finally granted the establishment a liquor license for 2018 according to the Post Bulletin. The owner still needs to submit some paperwork but it looks like the The Shack Bar will be serving drinks in the new year.

I know several women that plan "girls' days" where they get their hair done with friends and then go out for drinks and fun. This business provides all of that under one roof.

My co-host, Samm Adams, loves the idea! She said, "They just made the waiting part a whole lot more fun! If I could eat my dinner and have a drink while my color sets, I'm absolutely 100% on board. I LOVE this idea!"

Here are some pics of the salon/bar:

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