just listed the best steakhouse in each state.

Murray's is No. 1 in Minnesota. Murray's has been the premiere steakhouse in the Twin- Cities since the mid-'40s. The restaurant is at 26 S. Sixth St. in Minneapolis - See their website here.

Their signature steak is a 28-ounce sirloin. It's referred to as the Silver Butter Knife Steak for Two -- because it's big enough to feed a couple and is so tender that it can be cut with a butter knife.

Is your mouth watering, yet?!?!

A delicious meal at Murray's doesn't come cheap, though. The Silver Butter Knife Steak mentioned above will set you back $105! Other popular menu items include the 14-ounce NY Strip Sirloin ($48) and their 20-ounce Ribeye ($48).

Looking for a great steak in Rochester? Try Pescara. They won the title of "Best Steak" in Rochester in the most recent Post Bulletin Reader's Choice Awards.

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