When was the last time you saw one of these bust out?

Minneapolis, and the better part of the metro just got slammed with everything the National Football League could throw at them, and then some when it comes to being a host city for the Super Bowl last week. Nicollet Mall was booming with excitement, the Mall of America was overflowing with guests from all over the world, and the St. Paul Winter Carnival was in full force... but nobody could have been ready for what happened at 2:05 p.m. last Saturday:

That was awesome! Nice touch incorporating the "Skol Chant" in there too.

I can only imagine what some of the people were thinking if they'd never seen a flash mob up close before. I'm sure it left some people confused, but from the looks of the crowd, everyone seemed to really love it.

Be kind of fun to see one break out here in Rochester some day... maybe for SocialICE?

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