Minnesota lawmakers have until May 22 to figure out things like healthcare relief, a one billion dollar infrastructure plan and public school funding. So I'm surprised they even have time to address trivial issues like this.

Early Voting At Polling Locations Start In Minnesota Ahead Of November's General Election
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The little red "I Voted" stickers were created back in the early 1990s. Every election-day you see a ton of people wearing them, and posting selfies to social media with them on.

Absentee voters don't get a sticker, and are feeling left out.

At least one is and now it's an issue.

Democratic Representative Peter Fischerthe bill’s author, says a mail-in voter complained to him, so he wants to make sure all Minnesotans who vote get their sticker. His bill would allow counties to mail the stickers and distribute them at polling places during early voting.

Other topics being considered by the Minnesota Legislature:

What do you think of the bills our legislators are currently considering? Are they on the right track with what's important to us as Minnesotans? Or do they need to focus on other areas of legislation?

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