Come for the craft beer, enjoy the tap room while you're there-- just don't steal the glasses, please!


That was the word over the weekend from Rochester's newest craft brewery. Little Thistle Brewing Company opened August 24th in northwest Rochester, at the end of 14th Street near the Rochester Post Office.

Which means they've only been open just over two weeks, and by all accounts, they've been a big hit with beer-lovers and Rochesterities looking for someplace new to go. (My wife and I like their beer and tap room so much, we've already stopped by twice. My favorite is their The Wetlands IPA, but I actually liked ALL their beers. But, I digress...)

Anyway, people are liking Little Thistle so much that they've taken to stealing the beer glasses with their distinctive Little Thistle logo on them. Yeah, that's not good. Especially since they'll be SELLING them soon. (Of course, you can get several different shirts and hats with their logo on them right now too.)

In a post on their Instagram page Sunday, Little Thistle said of their glassware, "Please quit friggin’ stealing it! This is the deal. We’re a small business. We built this brewery with our own sweat, and we paid for this glassware ourselves. Even if you think you’re only 1 person and it’s only 1 glass, you and 1000 other people have STOLEN."

Wow. A thousand glasses? Stolen?!? And they've only been open not even three weeks?!? Our collection of beer glasses from local craft breweries we've been to here in Minnesota is growing-- but only because I BOUGHT and PAID for them. I'd never just TAKE one, would you?

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