If you've been in the skyway outside the Rochester Public library lately, you may have noticed a string of postcards. Not your typical "look where I've traveled" postcard, but instead, a postcard displaying confessions, secrets, thoughts, feelings, and more. It's all part of a program called PostSecret.

According to 507Magazine, Sara Patalita, the head of reference at Rochester Public Library, is responsible for bringing PostSecret to Rochester. It all started when a man named Frank Warren, handed out hundreds of postcards, asking people to write in with their secrets. The goal, to get people to talk about the problems they often keep to themselves. Sara told 507Magazine that she thinks Rochester is the perfect fit for this type of program. I agree.

Want to learn more about PostSecret? The creator, Frank Warren, will be at the Mayo Civic Center on Wednesday, July 31st to talk about the project and its connection to mental health care.

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