Do you end up throwing out fruits, veggies and other foods because they've gone bad? You're not alone.

The average family in Rochester throws away close to one third of their produce each year. That's over $760 per year in food waste, for a family of four! $760! That's a couple months of car payments that you're just throwing out in the garbage!

So how do you prevent food/money waste?

Whole Foods offers these tips:

Make a plan! Don't go to the grocery store without a meal plan. If you do, you'll end up buying food that won't be eaten. Stick to your list!

If your family refuses to eat the leafy greens or fruits in your fridge because they've started to change colors... Don't throw them away. Throw them in a blender and enjoy a delicious smoothie.

Leftovers! Get creative and turn last night's leftovers into today's awesome lunch.

See more money saving tips here. 

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