Every year CareerCast.com uses stats like growth outlook, income, environmental conditions and stress to rank jobs in America. Based on those findings here are the 10 worst jobs in America. 

1.  Newspaper reporter.

2.  TV broadcaster.

3.  Logger.

4.  Military

5.  Pest control worker.

6.  Radio Personality

7.  Ad sales.

8.  Firefighter.

9.  Retail sales.

10.  Taxi driver.

Newspaper reporter was number 1 for the fourth straight year.

So my job is on the list, is yours? If it is, it might be time to consider a new career. Here are the ten highest paying jobs in Minnesota. (Some schooling required..OK a lot of schooling)

Conversely, here are the ten lowest paying jobs in our state. You'll want to avoid these when sending out your resume.


Ever wonder how much a person would need to make per hour in order to afford a decent place to live? A recent study has come out that answers that question, and it turns out that Minnesota is among the more expensive places to rent. Read More.

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