In November of last year, we shared with you that a Total Wine was supposed to be coming to Rochester, Minnesota! Finally! But so far, not much has happened at the location.

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Total Wine Files Permit for Signage in Rochester, MN

We found out about Total Wine's plans when they filed for a permit for awning signage with the city of Rochester.

READ MORE: Total Wine Files for Permit in Rochester, MN

Everyone was super excited. Many of us had been asking for a Total Wine for years and it was finally happening.

They were supposed to be opening in the old Bed Bath and Beyond location on South Broadway. But since that story, not much seems to have changed.


So the question everyone's asking is...

Is Total Wine Still Coming to Rochester, MN?

I think people are starting to lose hope that a Total Wine is actually coming to Rochester. However, a person on the Rochester, MN Reddit shared a story that gives us hope again.

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The user says they were driving by the old Bed Bath and Beyond and say someone "fiddling with a lock box on the front door." They stopped and asked the person, who was wearing a Total Wine polo, if a Total Wine was opening here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The user writes, "She sheepishly said, they are running numbers, etc. to see if it was feasible. I think she just didn't want to admit that it was happening".

Ok, that doesn't sound great, but wait, there's more!

The same user also said they were at Total Wine in Roseville a couple of weeks ago and asked a couple of employees if they knew about a Rochester Total Wine. The user writes that "the two employees I talked to made it sound as if it was a definite GO that the store would open."

Fingers crossed that they're right! The employees also pointed out that Total Wine typically makes sure any new locations are open by the fourth quarter because that's their biggest time of year for sales.

If that's true, we would hopefully see things start to happen at the old Bed Bath and Beyond location soon. If they want to open by the fourth quarter, they should be open by the end of September.

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