So, I just got a notification on Facebook for Minnesota's biggest foam party. At first, I was thinking "how fun." Then I continued reading about the event and it started to creep me out. Either I'm a square or I'm just old now. Perhaps a bit of both.

It sounds like an event that you'd do on Spring Break and then never tell anybody about it, or "not remember" partaking - you picking up what I'm laying down? In the description, they tell you to be prepared to "get wet and have fun" calling it the "hottest and wettest party of the summer." They, of course, encourage you to wear a white shirt.

If this is your thing and you want to check it out, it's happening on Saturday, June 29th at the Wright County Fairgrounds in Howard Lake, MN. They are making a huge party out of it with DJs and all. For more info, check out the Eventbrite page.

Meanwhile, in the last place you'd expect a party of this kind, there will be another foam party a little closer to home - on 4th Street in Austin. Austin's foam party is Saturday, June 8th. For more info, check out the Eventbrite page.

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