Earlier this week, Zumbrota, Minnesota police got an interesting call about a sheep on the loose in town. Eventually, they enlisted the help of some local cowboys, but first, the cops tried to handle the situation themselves.

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Zumbrota Police Chase Down a Sheep on the Loose

The incident happened Monday evening, July 8th. Cops got a call about a sheep on the loose in a Zumbrota neighborhood. Officer Cameron and Sergeant Pasquale responded to the call.

They ended up getting the sheep into a fenced-in yard. As they shared on Facebook, they thought they had the situation under control at that point. It's a fenced-in yard, perfect!

Not so much.

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Turns out, tasers don't work on their thick wool, and it looks like the sheep busted through the fence and escaped once again. You can watch the video they shared on the Zumbrota Police Department Facebook page by tapping the picture below:

Zumbrota Police Department, Facebook
Zumbrota Police Department, Facebook

Zumbrota Cowboys Enlisted to Help with Catching the Sheep

The officers realized they needed help so they contacted Central Livestock of Zumbrota and got some of the local cowboys to come help. This would be their area of expertise, after all, and boy did they prove it.

The next day, they found the sheep in front of a house, and in part 2 of this video series on Facebook you can see the cowboys slowly approaching the sheep, one of the men holding a lasso.

Clearly the plan was to get the rope around the sheep so they had control of him, but the sheep had other ideas. He tried to take off again! Good thing these cowboys had no fear and one stood in the sheep's way, took a really good hit, and another caught the sheep and tackled him to the ground.

I'm seriously impressed! Check it out:

I'm not sure how long it took to find the sheep but it sure seems like they made quick work of that. Great job, guys!

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