I swear I don't work for McDonald's, they've just been doing a ton of cool stuff lately like introducing ordering kiosks and eliminating plastic straws. This, on the other hand, is not as cool. Their ads, however, are fantastic.

McDonald's wants you to think of them on National Selfie Day. They are giving away custom-made phone holders. Never smudge your phone screen again while taking a selfie while eating a Mcdouble! These phone holders resemble a french fry and they're called the Frylus.


Did anybody else want one simply because of this fantastic photo? I mean, this is EXACTLY what I look like taking a selfie! The guy in this picture is an Instagram star that became famous for photoshopping himself in pictures with the Kardashian clan. His page is definitely worth checking out, just saying.

You can have a Frylus for yourself! They're giving them away to everyone that purchases one of their new Quarter Pounders on June 21st, while supplies last. The McDonald's by the mall (Apache DR SW) is a participating location!

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