If you’re the kind of person who says it’s never too early to start the Halloween decoration planning, you’re in luck. Target has you covered.

We're in that weird time of year where the Fourth of July is over with, barbecue and pool stuff have mostly sold out and back to school supplies are leaving the shelves as quickly as they're being filled. Soon it'll be time to fill that large gap in the seasonal section of your favorite stores... but in the meantime, for those of you who can't wait break out the Halloween decorations and merchandise, Target has released their Halloween decor collection, complete with blood dripping candles and bat shaped neon lights.

But don't worry, you won't soon be annoyed by the racks of witches or shelves of pumpkin spice candles to remind you that summer will be over soon. No, thankfully Target is only selling their merch online.

In fact, most of the items are on pre-order until a more reasonable date, August 21st.

So if you're like me and wondering if Halloween Creep Season seems earlier this year than most, you're definitely not alone.

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