What the heck is going on with this local franchise?

As I'm perusing through my news feed on Facebook this morning I came across an interesting post that will certainly get any Tinn's lovers attention:

This is the second time this has happened this year.

Back in February, Tinn's closed up their South Broadway location, which previously housed the Lost Cajun.

No word yet on why they closed their doors, but they still have three other locations in Rochester:

  • 3462 55th St., Rochester
  • 1219 2nd St. SW, Rochester
  • 101 N Broadway Ave.

I'll always visit their 55th Street location because I live on that side of town, but it's certainly concerning why two of their other spots have closed shop within six months of each other. I love Tinn's!

What do you think: Are three Tinn’s enough in town or do you wish they could have kept this location open?


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