The websites Foursquare and Mapbox recently teamed up to use their food data and mapping technologies to create a map that showcases the most highly-unique sought after food in each state. In Minnesota, that unique menu item was the ‘Juicy Lucy’. But why? Of all the food items that could be seen as unique to Minnesotans' tastes, why was this cheese-stuffed burger tops?

Certainly, there are places outside Minnesota that have them on their menus, right? Even so, Minnesota claims to be home to the original ‘Juicy Lucy.’ In fact, two Minneapolis bars claim to be its originator. Matt’s Bar, which spells it the ‘Jucy Lucy’ and the 5-8 Club, which spells it ‘Juicy Lucy’, both claim to be the creator of the first burger with cheese stuffed in the middle.

Several other places throughout Minnesota now offer a version of the ‘Juicy Lucy’, including a couple right here in Rochester. Newt’s has long had their version of the cheese-stuffed burger on the menu. And the recently-opened Crooked Pint Ale House features several varieties of ‘Lucy’ for its patrons.

So, why this fascination with the 'Juicy Lucy'? We'd love to hear your explanation. And which place you think has the best ones. Or tell us what else you think should be "Minnesota's food"...

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