Do you think it would be beneficial for your child to learn how to dive? Then you're in luck! The Rochester Orcas Diving Club is offering free diving lessons for children ages 8-18.

The free diving lessons are every Sunday now through December 30th from 3-3:30 PM at the Rochester Recreation Center. The lessons are taught by Jeremiah Jackson, the Orcas Diving Coach, and members of the Orcas Diving Club.

Jeremiah tells KTTC that during the 30-minute lesson your child will learn "how to jump off the boards, they learn how to maybe dive in, depending on how they’re doing." He says that it's a fun time for the kids, he tries to keep it lively!

If you aren't able to bring your child to one of these free diving classes other diving classes are offered through the Orcas Diving Club. The classes are year-round, beginner level through advanced, and the club is USA Diving certified.


Source: KTTC


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