The haunted road-trip covers over 350 miles and features several stops at places that have reported several mysterious and/or haunted happenings.




The terrifying trip includes stops at these places:

  •  The Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre is said to have a lot of 'activity.' People have reported ghostly children running down the halls. Rooms 11 and 17 are said to be most active.
  • First Avenue in Minneapolis: I've heard stories from several people about ghost sightings at the famous concert venue. The most famous ghost story about First Ave. is about a 'ghost' seen hanging from a noose in the women's bathroom.
  • The Warden's House in Stillwater: Apparently back in the 1800s the Warden's grandchildren died in the house and to this day there are reports of a woman roaming the halls looking for her kids.

Creeped out yet? There are several other stops along the way.

See the complete road-trip here at


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