Before we begin I want to say this is most likely just an innocent coincidence, but it could be far more nefarious. I'll let you be the judge of that...

Back in 2001, Iowa State put out an interesting press release.

Iowa State has set a new world record for making the world's largest Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treat. The 2,480-pound Treat, made by students, faculty, staff and volunteers during Iowa State's April 2001 Veishea celebration, broke the previous record of 2,260 pounds set by Michigan State University.

The great state of Iowa was once home to the record for the largest Rice Krispies treat, this was actually a great honor due to Iowa's connection with the treat's history.

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The History Behind this

Mildred Day was a student at Iowa State and graduated in 1928. Kellogg's cereal company had actually offered her a job before graduation. She ended up testing recipes in Kellogg's kitchens in Battle Creek, Michigan, and would later conduct cooking schools for customers in 38 states.

According to Iowa Almanac Kellogg's developed Rice Krispies as a breakfast cereal in 1927. Why is this important?

In 1939 Mildred Day and a co-worker perfected a new recipe using cereal, butter, and marshmallows. This treat would become known as the Rice Krispies Treat, and recipes featuring the snack were put on cereal boxes in 1941.


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Fast Forward to 2001

On April 20th, 2001, students at Iowa State University came together to set a world record by creating the biggest Rice Krispie Treat. They did just that. It weighed 2,480 pounds and was made from 818 pounds of Rice Krispies, 1,466 pounds of marshmallows, and 217 pounds of butter.

What a great tribute to Mildred Day! It was even displayed as a float in the VEISHEA parade before being taken to the central campus where it was cut and served.
The Stolen Record

Here is where things get suspicious. Let's jump to April 23rd, 2015. It was reported that a new college held the record.

A group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison cooked up a Rice Krispies treat that shatters the Guinness World Records record for the largest cereal treat by half a ton; the giant block of marshmallowy fun weighed in at 11,327 pounds, setting the new world record for the Largest Rice Krispie treat, according to the World Record Academy.

That's right Iowa... Wisconsin stole our record.

A fun battle between two colleges that had connections to the treat now beaten by some other college with no connection.

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A Strange Recap

So in 2001 Iowa state (the school Mildred Day went to) Beat Michigan State University ( The state where she ended up testing recipes, and where Rice Krispies were invented.) biggest Rice Krispie Treat. Then all of a sudden Wisconsin shows up a claims the record!

Sorry, Mildred Day! If you go to Iowa State or Michigan State University and are reading this please get the record back, let's do it for Midred., or not, this record seems like a lot of work...

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