Today was supposed to be THE opening day for Silver Lake Pool in Rochester, Minnesota.  Unfortunately, another setback has delayed the opening once again.

Once Again, Sad News for Silver Lake Pool in Rochester, Minnesota

June 6th was supposed to be opening day for Silver Lake Pool in Rochester. Unfortunately, there was a slight issue with the opening of the Silver Lake Pool in Rochester, Minnesota at the original date because someone thought it was appropriate behavior and vandalized the property and damaged the main drain cover.  A new part was ordered and the good news is...that part is here!

Unfortunately, this old pool has another issue that is delaying the opening once again.

BAD NEWS THIS MORNING :(((( The city has just informed us that the chemical tray in the pool has broken. Silver Lake pool will not open today. We will update when the city gives us the go ahead. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Rochester Swim Club Summer Pools Facebook Page

When an official date is again announced, I'll post it over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio. Give it a follow for all of the local news and upcoming events too.

Can we talk about the elephant in Rochester, Minnesota?

I am going to make a few people upset right now but we need to talk about the elephant in the town of Rochester, Minnesota...which many people have brought up but we seem to have zero answers.

Why don't we have a decent place for families and individuals to go swimming?  We are a town of 100,000+ people, the home of Mayo Clinic, and yet we don't have a decent place for all families to swim let alone go and workout together at an affordable price.  Pathetic.  That is the word I'm giving our town if I were to vote on family-friendly activities.  We might seem to be THE place for health but we sure don't make that a priority for all of our families and individuals so there are affordable options for all.

If I hear the word "splashpad" one more time as an appropriate option for everyone and that it is coming soon, I may just scream.  That is not the best option for a town our size.  It's a nice option, and I know people worked hard to make that happen.  But it is not the best option.

I know a huge waterpark is going to cost millions but our town has that.  Just go drive around and you'll find multi-million dollar homes all over.  You can't tell me there isn't money in this town to make a real waterpark happen for this community.

Thank you to the towns surrounding Rochester that welcome families at their pool and for swimming lessons

To all the small towns surrounding Rochester, Minnesota who are putting families first and allowing Rochester families to participate, thank you.  Oh, and also for teaching our kids how to swim.  Thankfully you are offering your lessons to people outside your communities otherwise a huge chunk of families in Rochester wouldn't be able to have this very important safety skill provided for their kids.

I know we have people that are doing what they can to help kids and adults in the Rochester community.  I'm not knocking you.  You are some of the only people able to teach our kids water safety and watch as they are playing and having fun on the super hot days.  It is not your fault that we don't have pools for all ages and abilities in our town.  I don't expect you to start digging a pool and collecting quarters for concrete.  This is an issue that our leaders years ago should have addressed and anticipated as our city was growing and bringing in more families.  Ask around, and you'll see that I'm not the only disappointed parent in this town.

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